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Atheism: The Case Against God

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George H. Smith sets out to demolish what he considers the most widespread and destructive of all the myths devised by human beings - the concept of a supreme being. With painstaking scholarship and rigorous arguments, Mr. Smith examines, dissects, and refutes the myriad "proofs" offered by theists - sophisticated, professional theologians - as well as the average religious layman. He explores the historical and psychological havoc wrought by religion in general and concludes that religious belief cannot have any place in the life of modern, rational man."It is not my purpose to convert people to atheism . . . (but to) demonstrate that the belief in God is irrational to the point of absurdity. If a person wishes to continue believing in a god, that is his prerogative, but he can no longer excuse his belief in the name of reason and moral necessity."

"PRAISE FOR THE ORIGINAL EDITION:“A hard hitting attack against belief in the Christian God as well as all other supernatural beings.... This book might well be used in a beginning course in the philosophy of religion as a fair representation of contemporary atheistic thought. Students would...find it more provocative and challenging than some other treatment that may be technically more sophisticated. The author's direct and forceful way of making his points has great appeal; clearly, it is a book written with deep intellectual passion.... All in all, Smith's book provides a lively introduction to atheism.”—Teaching Philosophy “Welcome, hard-hitting.” —Publishers Weekly

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  • Title : Atheism: The Case Against God
  • Authors:
    • Smith, George H.,
    • Krauss, Lawrence M.
  • Publisher: Prometheus
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781633881983